Access your Zenoti wallet, view transactions, and download your statements.

After your application is successfully approved, the tips are credited to your Zenoti Wallet on a schedule of T +2 business days; this allows for easier and quicker access to your tips.

To access Zenoti wallet, sign in to the myZen app.

With Zenoti wallet, you can:

  • View transactions

  • ​Download monthly statements

  • ​View Zenoti Card details

View transactions

  1. To view your recent transactions, tap ​View More​​.

Tap any transaction to view the complete details.

​Download monthly statement​

To download your statement, tap ​Download ​​ on the transactions screen, choose the month for which you want to download the statement and click the download icon.


To set filters on your transactions, click the filter icon on the search bar.

You can apply any of the following filters to your transactions:

  • ​By Payment

  • ​By Date

  • ​Custom date range

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