1. On the myZen homepage, click ​Start Application​​.

  2. On the ​Application Details​​ screen, enter or verify the details.

  3. Once you read and accept the terms and conditions, click​​ Agree and Proceed​​.

  4. In the ​ID Details​ section, add the full SSN number and a photo ID proof, and click ​Proceed​.

  5. In the ​Address Details​ section, add your billing address, and shipping address and click ​Submit​​.
    Note: In some cases, you might be asked to share a utility bill as address proof.

Once you submit your application, the status of the application can be any of the following:

  • Approved​​: In most cases, the application is auto-approved immediately if all the details are validated by the bank.

  • Under Review​​: In some cases, Zenoti will reach out to you for further information (address proof like a utility bill, etc.) After a successful review, the status of the application changes to ​Approved.

  • Declined​​: If an application is declined, you are notified immediately. Reach out to Zenoti Support.

​After your application is approved, you can see the Zenoti Wallet on the myZen home page. You can swipe down to refresh the screen if the screen doesn’t reload automatically.

To view the shipping information of your card, tap ​Details​​. You are notified of the shipping details and you can track the delivery details from the myZen app.

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