Zenoti tips payout benefits providers as they can get faster access to their tips through Zenoti Wallet and Zenoti Card.

Zenoti Wallet is a faster way to receive your tips. With it, you don’t have to wait for payday to receive your tips – you can receive tips faster as set up by your employer. The tips are transferred to a Zenoti wallet and can be accessed via the Zenoti card; this helps you manage finances efficiently by providing quick access to your tips.

A sample image of Zenoti Card:

​​Sign up for Zenoti wallet and verify employer

​​Submit an application for Zenoti wallet

​​Zenoti wallet and transactions​​

​​Activate the Zenoti card​​

​​Manage your Zenoti card​​

​​View your tip earnings

​​When will I start receiving tips?​​

​​Help Center​​

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