To onboard your business for tips payouts,

  1. ​Add bank account details

  2. Link the bank account with the center(s)

  3. Complete the bank account verification

  4. Select the payout start date

  5. Select the cutoff time for same-day payout

  6. Prefunding for same-day payout

Note: ​​Zenoti Tips Payout​​ is an admin feature that can be enabled only by the Zenoti admin at your center.

Anyone who has the role permission ​Configure Payment Settings can onboard tips payout.

To enable the role permission,

  1. At the center level, click on ​Admin​ icon and go to ​Organization > Security Roles ​

  2. ​Select the desired role (eg: Owner or Accountant etc.)

  3. ​Go to the ​Permissions ​​tab (Expand all and search for Payments)

  4. ​Select ​Configure Payment Settings​ in the ​Payments ​​section and click ​Save​​.

Add bank account details

  1. At the center level, click the ​Admin ​​icon and go to ​Payments > Business Payments > Setup. ​

  2. ​On the Tips payout widget, click ​ Initiate Setup​​.

  3. ​Click ​Add Bank Account​​ and enter the details.

  4. Review the ACH authorization agreement and click ​Accept & Proceed​​.

  5. In the ​Security Verification​​ section, enter the verification code sent to your registered email ID.

Link centers

Once you add your bank account, you can link one or multiple centers to your account from the ​Link Centers​​ section.

Note: If you own multiple centers, you can select all the centers you want to associate with the added bank account. You can add different bank accounts for different centers as well.

Verify your bank account​

  1. Once you submit your application, a micro-debit (<$1) is initiated from the bank account you added for verification.

  2. Click on ​Complete Verification​​.

    Note: You will be alerted if the debit from your bank account fails. You can then delete the account and add another bank account.

Note: The Verify button is enabled only after the amount is credited into the Zenoti account. There might be a slight delay in this process.

3. Once the Verify button is activated, click the button ​and enter the exact debited amount to complete the verification.

Tips payout configuration

  1. At the center level, click the ​Admin ​​icon and go to ​Payments > Business Payments > Setup. ​

  2. Click View/Edit Setup.​

  3. Click Tips Payout Configuration on the left.

  4. ​Click ​Add Bank Account​​ and enter the details.

  5. In the centers listed, toggle the Payout Status to start payout.

For same-day tips payout, choose the cutoff time for the payout. It is recommended that the cutoff time is closer to the store closure time.

By default, the payout status is "disabled" and the payout start date is set to the date on which you submitted your bank account details.

Note: The payouts will start only after:

  • The business bank account is verified

  • ​Prefunding amount is collected (only for same-day payouts)

Tips earned from the selected start date are considered for payouts.

Once the business and employee onboarding are complete, the default start date for tips payout is the date on which the Zenoti wallet is created by the employee. The tips are then paid out from this date.

Important information:

  • The start date is set at the center level and cannot be configured for each employee.

  • If employees have not completed onboarding before the start date or new employees are onboarded later, their payouts will start from the date on which Zenoti wallet has been created.

  • ​Card delivery and activation are not compulsory for starting tip payouts.

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