With the Zenoti tips payout, your providers can access their tip earnings earlier than their payday.

The tips will be credited directly into your employee's Zenoti wallet. Your employees can use their personalized Zenoti card to shop in-store, online, or for ATM withdrawals.

Provide your employees with faster payout options and show them they are valued. Happy and engaged employees are committed to high-quality service.

Tips Payout is available in two product configurations currently:

  • Faster Tips Payout (T+2) - payout frequency is two business days. There is no fee charged for faster tips payout.

    For example, a tip earned on Monday, is credited on Wednesday, while that earned on a Saturday gets credited on the coming Tuesday.

    Note: Business days exclude federal holidays and Saturday, and Sunday.

  • Express Tips Payout (Same Day) - payout frequency is the same day at a specified cut-off time as configured at a center and a fee is charged per center. There is no fee charged to the providers.

    For example, a tip earned on Monday is credited on Monday at a time configured at a specified time at the center level. (Eg.: 5:00 pm local time).

Note: Currently, the Zenoti tips payout feature is available only in the US region.

How does it work

Getting started with tips payout

Step #

Onboarding process step

Who does this?


Review and sign the agreement

Business owner


Enable tips payout feature in the selected center(s)



Setup bank account for debits and complete business onboarding

Business owner


Collect pre-funding amount business bank account*

Note: One-time prefunding is available only for same-day payouts.



Install myZen app, submit an application for Zenoti card, and complete provider onboarding



Activate Zenoti Card (Shipped by Zenoti to providers’ address)


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