When you configure a tips percentage for your center, Zenoti calculates it only on the total undiscounted service price of the invoice before taxes. The tips percentage does not apply to any retail items (such as products) in the invoice. 


  1. Consider that you have configured the tips percentage for your center at 20%. 

  2. Consider that you are collecting payment from a guest whose invoice includes the following:
    - A Spa Manicure service priced at $14 (Plus Tax: $1.26, Discount: $2)
    - A Spa Pedicure service priced at $16 (Plus Tax: $1.44, Discount: $2)
    - An Anti-Dandruff Serum (product) priced at $22.32 

Based on the above scenario, the Tip field in the Point of Sale window displays $6 as the tip amount.
Calculation: 20% of $30 (total actual service price, excluding taxes and discounts) 

The tips calculation does not consider the product sale.

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