Caution: Although Zenoti provides the functionality for deleting invoices, it recommends that you do not do it. You can void an invoice instead of deleting it.
To delete a closed invoice, you must first reopen it. Follow the below steps to reopen and delete a closed invoice: 

Important: You can reopen and delete refunded invoices for any payment type except when payment is made using a card.

1.  Reopen the invoice.
    The Point of Sale window opens the invoice. 

2. Delete all payments added to the invoice. 

3. Go back to the Appointment Book and search for the same invoice—click an open slot, and then select Search Invoice No/Receipt No from the context menu.

The Search for an Invoice or Receipt dialog opens.

4. Enter the invoice number, and then press Enter or click the arrow button.

The invoice details appear with options to show or delete the invoice.

5. Click Delete.

6. If prompted, enter your comments and click Delete.

Zenoti deletes the invoice and the corresponding appointment is no longer visible in the Appointment Book.

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