The ​Targets​​ tab at the center level allows you to set specific targets for your center regarding collections, sales, memberships, and packages.

  1. At the center level, click the ​Admin​​ icon.

  2. Navigate to ​Organization​ > ​Centers​​.

  3. Go to the ​Targets​​ tab.

  4. Set targets for the following:

    1. Service Revenue

    2. Class Revenue

    3. Service Sales

    4. Class Sales

    5. Product Sales

    6. Membership Sales

    7. Package Sales

    8. Gift Card Sales

    9. Prepaid Card Sales

    10. Add-ons

    11. Add-ons (%)

    12. Total Guests

    13. New Guests

    14. New Guests (%)

    15. Existing Guests

    16. Existing Guests (%)

    17. Memberships Sold

    18. Membership Conversion (%)

    19. Campaign Redemptions

    20. Service Hours

  5. Click ​Save​​.

The targets you set on this page will reflect on the center-level dashboard. The dashboard gives you a snapshot of all the parameters and shows how much of the target your center has achieved and how much you are yet to achieve.

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