The ​Admin Dashboard​​ at the organization level shows the following charts:

  • Total Sales: This chart shows the sales breakup of all the items such as Services, Products, Classes, Memberships, and Packages.

  • Rebooking and Retail Sales: This chart shows the percentage of rebookings and the percentage of retail sales.

    Note: Rebooking% is calculated as the percentage of total rebooked guests for a given duration or the percentage of guests having appointments for a given period. You can reconcile the rebooking percentage with the center-level Rebooked Appointments report.
    Retail Sales% is calculated as the Count of guests who bought a product along with a service or a day package in the month / Count of guests who booked a service or a day package in the month.

Apart from the above two charts, you can also configure dashboard cards. These cards show a high-level performance of your business based on specific metrics.

  1. Click the ​Admin​​ icon.

  2. Navigate to ​Setup​ > ​Dashboard​​.

  3. On the ​Dashboard Configuration​ page, click the ​+ ​​icon on any of the boxes.

  4. On the ​Configure Metric​​window, configure the following:

    1. ​Metric​​: Select any one of the ​available metrics​​.

    2. ​Metric Name​​: This field is auto-populated. You can also edit the name of the metric to suit your business needs.

    3. ​Description​​: Type a brief description of the details of the metric.

    4. ​Time Period​​: By default, the Month to Date is selected. You cannot change this option.

  5. Click ​Publish​​.

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