As a studio owner, you can create discounts for workshops on Zenoti Web. This discount is applicable when a guest/student books your workshop.​

  1. At the organizational level, click the ​Marketing​ icon and go to the ​Discounts​​ page.

  2. Click the discount you want to update.

  3. ​​Under the ​ General​ tab, select ​Item level ​​> ​Define discount for each selected Workshop​​.

  4. ​Click Save.

  5. Click the ​APPLY TO WORKSHOPS​​ tab.

  6. ​Select the type Workshop in the dropdown and enter the workshop name.

  7. Enter the discount value and click ​Add.​​​

  8. Click Save.

  9. Associate this discount with a campaign.

  10. Share the promo code (Offer Code) in the campaign with students.

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