To set up a monthly schedule for an employee, first set the schedule for one week (work timings, room assignments, and weekly offs) and then copy forward the same schedule for a month or more for convenience.

  1. Click the Week tab.
    The Week tab is next to the Day tab on the top right of your screen.

  2. In the Week view, select the name of the employee again and right-click the day of the week that is the weekly off (say Monday), and select Weekly off.
    Zenoti grays out the weekly off day. 

  3. Click Save. Zenoti saves the schedule of the therapist including shift time, room assignment, and weekly offs. But this schedule applies only for the week. You need to copy forward this schedule for a number of weeks, as required.

  4. Click Copy.
    The Copy Employee Schedule window opens. 

  5. Enter the number of weeks you want to copy the schedule forward to.
    Example: If you enter 12 weeks, it means the employee's schedule is valid for the next three months and includes work timings, room assignments, and weekly offs. 

  6. Click Save and Copy.
    Zenoti copies and saves the employee's schedule including shift time, room assignment, and weekly offs. Note: Zenoti does not check for conflicts while copying the schedule. 

  7. Repeat these steps for all Roles (employees), as required.
    Tip: To ensure everything is fine by check if the employee is visible on the Appointment Book for a given date or dates. Similarly, do a random check to see that the employee does not appear on the Appointment Book on her weekly offs.

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