If for any reason, you want to cancel the enrollment of a guest (who is in a tier) from the loyalty program, you can do so from the Guest's profile.

Important! You will not be able to cancel a guest's tier enrollment unless you have the required permissions. Click here to know the required permissions.

To cancel a guest's enrollment:

1. Access the guest profile.

2. In the guest's profile, click the Points tab.

3. Click Cancel.
    A pop-up indicating that the points accrued by the guest will expire appears.
4. Click Ok.
    Two things take place:

  1. The Cancel button changes to Enroll.
    This indicates that the guest tier enrollment is canceled.

  2. In the General tab of the Guest's profile, in the Preferences section, the Opt in to loyalty program checkbox is cleared.
    This means that the guest will not be enrolled into the loyalty program either automatically or manually.

To enroll a guest whose enrollment you have canceled, click here.

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