There could be a number of reasons why an employee may not be visible from the Employee Schedule. Check if:

  • The employee has the appropriate role (Therapist).
    To check the role the employee has, go to Employee > Employee > Employee > Name of the employee > Role tab > Select the appropriate role (Therapist) > Save. Next, go to the employee schedule page - Employee > Employees > Schedule > Role (filter)> Select Therapist. The name of your service provider must appear now. 

  • The employee profile is active. That is, there is a Start Date for the employee profile.

Important: Ensure that there is a Start Date and there is no End Date for the employee Employee > Employee > (Name of the employee) > General tab > Start date/End date.

Important: The employee will be visible on the schedule from the Start Date you enter. This means, if the Start Date is in the middle of the week, you will not find the particular employee in the Week view - in such cases, shift to the Day view of the employee schedule.

  • The employee is working (on the given date). The employee could have other statuses such as On Leave, Special Leave, or Not Set.
    To update the employee's status to Working, select checkbox for the employee > Change status to Working > Click Save.

  • The employee has multiple roles or belongs to multiple centers.

  • The employee has duplicate records or duplicate profiles.

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