​As a student, some centers may require you to book a class only after signing a waiver form. A waiver form is a liability form you are asked to sign before joining a fitness class. The waiver form states that you are healthy to undergo training at the studio. The signed waiver form waives any legal liability of the trainer or gym in case you hurt yourself or get injuries.

  1. Go to Webstore V2. The URL will be: www.<businessname>zenoti.com/webstoreNew.

  2. Click ​Classes​​> Book Now. ​

  3. Click ​Confirm.​

  4. Log in screen appears.

  5. The waiver form appears. If the fitness center requires you to sign the form and then book the class, you cannot proceed with the booking unless you sign the waiver form.

  6. Sign the form and book the class.


​Sign up with a waiver form​

  1. Go to Webstore V2. The URL will be: www<businessname>zenoti.com/webstoreNew.

  2. ​​Click ​Classes​​Book Now. ​

  3. ​Click ​Confirm.​

  4. ​​​Log in screen appears.

  5. Click ​Sign in > Sign up.​

  6. ​​​Fill up your basic details and click ​Next​​.

  7. ​​​A waiver form appears. Read through the form and click ​Agree.​

  8. ​​​Sign the form digitally and submit the form.

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