To configure Gantner devices to work with your center, create a backend app in Zenoti to interact with the Gantner external webserver.

Follow these steps:

  1. ​​​Create a backend app in Zenoti and generate the API access token​​

  2. ​​​Configure the Gantner external web server​​

  3. ​​​Enable settings at the organization and center levels​​

Create an app and generate the API key​

  1. At the organization level, click the ​Admin​ icon and go to ​Setup > Apps.​​

  2. On the Manage Applications page, click ​Add​​.

  3. Enter the following information and click ​Next.​​​

Field name



Enter the name of the application. For example - Gantner token


Enter the URL of your website or the application. In case of errors or issues in the app, URI information is used to contact the app developer.


Enter a brief description of the app for which you are generating the API key.

Login User Type

Since this app is for internal users, select ​Employee​

Source App

From the drop-down list, select Bot.

​4. In the Scope page, select Classes (Integrations) under JWT AND APIKEY groups and click ​Next​​.

5. From the Credentials page, copy the Application ID and the Secrets to a notepad and click ​Generate API Key​​.

Note: Copy the Application ID and the Secrets before you leave the page. If you navigate away from this page, you must restart the API generation process from the beginning.

7. Copy the API key to notepad and click ​Finish​​.

Note: After the app setup, ensure microservices are hosted on the POD where you want the Gantner device to work. This is necessary for the Zenoti app to interact with your web app.​


​​​Configure the Gantner external web server​

  1. On your browser, look up the Gantner device IP.

  2. On the login screen, enter the admin credentials.

  3. Go to ​Device Configuration > External Webserver.​

  4. Enter the following details:

Field name


Enable external Webserver

Select the checkbox

Server address

Enter the value in this format:

<microservices hosted url>/v1/gantner_devices/<gantner device serial number>/websocket?centerId=<center id>

Enable secure communication

Select the checkbox

Access token

Copy the access token from the backend app.

Reconnection timeout

Time in seconds. For example - 60

5. ​Click Save.

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