Gantner is a hardware company that provides devices for fitness, resort, and spa businesses with door/room access. You can integrate your centers with Gantner to automate door access without the front desk staff.

With Gantner devices you can:

  • Give members wristbands that work with a Gantner device to unlock doors in the studio.

  • Give members access to parts of a facility during off hours or 24/7.

To allow your business to integrate with Gantner, enable the following settings.

​Enable at organization level

  1. Click the ​Admin​ icon and go to ​Organizations > Settings.

  2. Go to the ​Integrations tab and expand the GANTNER section.

  3. Select the check box next to ​Enable Gantner​​.​


​Select rooms for Gantner integration (at center level)

  1. ​Click the ​Admin​ icon and go to ​Resources > Rooms​​.

  2. ​​Select a room and enable ​Allow gantner integration​​ check box.

  3. Click Save.

Configure device

  1. ​​Click the ​Admin​ icon and go to ​Organizations > Centers.

  2. Go to the Integrations tab and the GANTNER section.

  3. In the Device 1 box, enter the Gantner device id.

  4. ​​​From the Room 1 list, select the room that allows ganter integration.

  5. ​​​Click Save.

​​​​​​To learn how to set up Gantner devices, refer to ​Set up app for Gantner integration​​.

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