Price scaling is when you want to charge higher rates on services when:

> Senior employees perform services
> Providers perform the service in specific Rooms.  

When senior employees perform services: You may want to charge different rates for the same service when senior or more experienced employees perform the service.
Example:  You normally charge $100 for a haircut. If a senior employee (or employees holding senior-level jobs such as Senior Hair Stylist) performs the same service, you can charge a higher amount. You can define this higher amount as an absolute amount ($130) or as a percentage (30%). When you choose to define this higher service amount as a percentage it is called Price scaling factor. 

You can configure these options for different pricing for the same service from Admin icon > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Employee > Employee Service Pricing (Percentage override or Absolute amount). Read: Specifying Services an Employee Can Perform - Advanced Concepts

When providers perform the service in specific Rooms: You may charge a higher price for services you provide in some Rooms using the price scaling option. Go to Admin icon > Resources > Rooms > Select/create a room > Services tab > Price Scaling Factor column > Define a percentage of service price you want to increase for this room.
Example: If the service price is $50 and the price scaling factor is 110%, then Zenoti charges the client 10% extra ($5). When a guest books this room, Zenoti automatically charges $55 considering the price scaling factor.

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