There could be different reasons why you are not able to find a therapist on the Appointment Book or Webstore or why your therapist seemingly disappeared.

Check whether:

  • You have set up the schedule for the therapist from Employee > Employees > Schedule. Read: How to set up an employee schedule?

  • You have set up the employee with the appropriate role (Therapist) from Employee > Employees > Employees> Employee name > Employee Role tab. Read: Assign the Therapist Role to an Employee

  • You have changed the role of the employee. For instance, you may have set up Employee Schedule for Therapists. But you may have changed/ updated an employee from Therapist role to another role such as Manager and you may not have set up Employee Schedules for this role. Read: How to set up an employee schedule?

  • You have defined multiple roles for the therapist. It could be that when you set up employee schedules for therapist using the Role filter on the Employee Schedule page, ¬†this employee had some other role and you gave the Therapist role to this employee at a later date.¬†

  • The employee is active. For this, ensure that the employee does not have an End Date recorded under Employee > Employees > Employees > (Name of the employee) > General tab > Job info section > End Date must be blank. Read: Add General Information for a New Employee

  • The therapist is marked as on Leave for the given day from the Employee Schedule. If yes, change the status to Working.

  • The therapist is on deputation or on loan to another center. Read: Depute or Loan Employees to Other Locations or Centers

  • There are duplicate records for the therapist - possibly the name of the therapist spelt differently or perhaps, the mobile number of the therapist varies between two or more records. If this is the case, identify the accurate employee record and then delete the duplicate record.

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