View transferred service credits

On the Guest profile -> Wallet tab, you can view the membership or package service credits that are transferred to the guest and the credits that the guest has redeemed. The service credits can be from a membership or from a package. In the Type column, you can see the type of the transfer: Membership or Package.

Note: The Status column in the Received Credits section indicates whether transferred credits can be used or not. For credits that cannot be used, it also shows the reason, for example, due to lack of balance or if the source membership has been canceled. However, if the parent membership invoice is open and payment is done partially, the status cannot be determined and the same is indicated.

Edit expiry date

  1. On the guest's profile, click the Wallet tab.

  2. In the Expiration Date column, click the box.

  3. Select a date not that is not later than the service expiry date on the transferor's profile.

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