1. Click the Reports icon.

  2. Search and open the report.

  3. Select the desired filters.

  4. Click Refresh.



Center Name

Center in which the transaction was performed

Transaction Status

Status of the transaction

Invoice No

Invoice on which the payment was received

Transaction Date

Date on which the digital payment was collected


Source of payment for the transaction

Guest Name

Name of the guest from whom the payment was collected


Unique transaction number generated by the payment processor after successfully processing the payment


Transaction number auto-generated for the transaction


Identifier generated by the payment processor after the amount is credited to the payment processor's account

Payment Method

Type of card that the guest used to pay for this transaction


Basic details of the card that the guest used to make the payment

Transaction Type

Type of the digital payment transaction


Amount charged to the guest for the transaction


Total amount collected by the center for the transaction

Total = (Amount + Tips + Other Fees) - Cashback


Fees charged by the payment processor (Stripe or Adyen) for processing card payments


Net amount deposited to the bank account after deducting processing fees received from Stripe or Adyen

Net = Total - Fees

Available On

Guest’s card is saved

AVS Downgrade Fee Applied

Whether an AVS downgrade fee has been applied on the transaction

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