• Should we be on Zenoti Payments (payment processor) to use the tips payout feature?
    No, Zenoti tips payout (MyZen) feature does not depend on the payment processor. You can roll out this solution in any location, irrespective of your payment processor. All we need are bank account details from which tips can be debited.

  • Do all employees mandatorily need use the tips payout feature?
    No, it is not mandatory for employees to use this feature. Providers can choose to continue with existing payroll. The exact details of tips paid into the Zenoti card vs. tips to be paid by the business for employees who opted out of receiving tips through Zenoti wallet are available in reports.

  • Can I add the same bank account for different centers?
    If you own multiple centers, you can link the same bank account for all the centers or different bank accounts for different centers. Please note that even if the same bank account is added against multiple centers, there will be separate debit transactions for each center.

  • Can I choose to start payouts from a specific date?
    Yes. Please inform Zenoti about your preferred start date so we can set it up accordingly. An option for a business owner to enable/disable payouts and to select the payout start date will be available soon on the Zenoti Web.

  • Do I need to pre-fund a bank account?
    Your business needs to maintain a minimum of one day worth of tip earnings to help us ensure that provider payouts are not impacted. In case the funds fall short, Zenoti will prefund for the specific payout and put further payouts on hold until the prefunded amount is made available to Zenoti.

  • Are any taxes being deducted before payouts?
    No, taxes are not calculated nor deducted by Zenoti, and the entire tip amount will be credited to Zenoti wallet. Businesses should consider total tip earnings for tax calculations as part of their regular payroll process.

  • What will happen if there is an insufficient balance in the account?
    If we receive an Automatic Clearing House (ACH) reversal (which could happen when there is an insufficient balance and reversal can reflect after 1-3 business days), future payouts will be paused for that specific center. You can fund the account and reinitiate the transaction from the Reconciliation report in the tips dashboard. Once the re-initiated ACH is settled, payouts will be resumed. For the days when payouts are on hold, tips should be paid by employer outside the Zenoti.

  • If my employee is working in two locations, do they need to request two different cards?
    No, tips earned across different locations of linked businesses will be credited to the same Zenoti wallet/card, and the details for this are accessible in MyZen.

  • Is the MyZen app replacing the Zenoti Mobile application in which our employees check appointments today?
    No, MyZen is a separate mobile application that supports faster tips payout & Zenoti University.

  • Can an individual employee opt out of myZen faster payouts?

    Yes, if any employee decides to opt out, they can reach out to the Zenoti support team. It could take up to 7 business days to stop future payouts into their Zenoti wallets.

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