The following table describes all the permissions available to manage opportunities and sales at your organization. You can configure these permissions for any role in your organization.


  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Security Roles.

  3. Select the desired employee role.

  4. Go to the Permissions tab.

  5. Expand Sales.

Permissions and Descriptions




Export: A user with this permission can export the list of sales opportunities.


An opportunity or a sales opportunity is essentially a sales lead that represents a potential customer who may contribute to your revenue. You can use opportunities to sell Memberships, Packages, Products, or Services. Read: When to Create an Opportunity?

You can control the following permissions for Opportunity:

  • Add: A user with this permission can create an opportunity or a sales lead

  • Edit: A user with this permission can modify the opportunity or updating its status

  • Delete: A user with this permission can delete an opportunity

View Sales Reports

You can enable or disable the permission to view the following Sales reports:

  • Pipeline

  • Conversion

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