The following table describes all the permissions available to manage the inventory at your organization (purchase and transfer orders, audit, and reconciliation). You can configure these permissions for any role in your organization.


  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Security Roles.

  3. Go to the Permissions tab.

  4. Expand the Inventory section.

Permissions and Descriptions




You can control the following permissions for Inventory (Inventory > Procurements> Orders):

  • Add: Allows creating a purchase order or transfer order to procure products.
    Important: You must enable the Add permission to view the stock levels and procurement options in the Inventory Dashboard.
    The following listed actions are possible only if the permission is enabled.

  • Edit: Allows editing a purchase order or transfer order already created (but not raised).

  • Deleting: Allows deleting a purchase order or transfer order created and saved.

  • InvList: Allows viewing the current stock levels of a product and exporting the information in Excel, CSV, or PDF formats (Inventory > Stock Levels).

  • PriceOverride: Allows editing the MRP and discount amount on an order.

  • DateOverride: Allows editing the order date and raised date on an order.

  • EditPOLimited: Prevents editing the price of the purchase order after delivery is complete.

  • EditPOLimitless: Allows editing the price of the purchase order even after delivery is complete.

  • Reconcile: Allows performing a reconciliation of stock levels after audit (Inventory > Stock Levels > Retail/Consumables > Reconcile).

  • AUDIT_BACK_DATE: Allows changing the audit date to an earlier date after the audit is performed.

  • PO_BACK_DATE: Allows changing the order date to an earlier date.

  • RAISE_ORDER: Allows raising a purchase or transfer order. Includes the ability to raise purchase orders in bulk.

  • Approve Reconcile: Allows approving a reconciliation of stock already performed.

View Inventory Reports

The ability to view Inventory Reports at the center or organization level, as applicable (center/organization level > Inventory > Reports).

You can enable or disable the permission to view the following Inventory reports:

  • Sales

  • Orders

  • Expenditure

  • Value

  • Consumption

  • Bill of materials

  • Returns

  • Alerts

  • Taxes

  • Audit History

  • Orders History

  • Online product sales


A user with this permission can export the inventory data from Zenoti.

Hide Price

A user with this permission can hide the purchase price of the products in the purchase order (PO).

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