Getting started

  • The status of the application shows as 'Under Review.’ What should I do?​
    Your application will typically get approved within one business day. Our team will notify you if any other information or document is required to approve your application.

  • What kind of account and card is created after submitting the application?​

    You'll get an FDIC-insured consumer checking account and a Zenoti Visa debit card. The amount you can spend through the Zenoti card is limited to the balance in the account, with no ability for overspending or overdraft. Your entire tip amount is credited to your Zenoti wallet without deductions. Your employer will consider your tip earnings to calculate tax, and any deductions will be considered in your regular payroll.

    Note: The Zenoti Card is issued by Evolve Bank & Trust, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.

  • ​Can I use the MyZen app to access my Appointments?​

    The appointments and payment collection features are unavailable in the MyZen app. Please use the Zenoti Mobile app or Zenoti Web to access appointment schedules.

Receiving tips

  • How can I receive my tips earnings?

    You can install the MyZen app, sign up, link your employer and apply for a Zenoti wallet, all within a few minutes. Your tip earnings will be credited to your Zenoti wallet from the payout start date set by your employer.

  • When will I receive my tips on the Zenoti card?​
    Once your wallet is created, your tips will be credited to your Zenoti card from the payout start date set by your employer (your employer will pay tips earned prior to this date). Tips earned will be paid on the same day, or in two business days, based on the payout frequency set by your employer.

  • ​The tips payout credit to the Zenoti card does not match my tip earnings data on a specific date. Why?​
    Below are the possible reasons why your earnings might not match your actual credited amount:​

    • Invoice is not closed: ​​Only tips from closed invoices will be considered for payout. Please verify with your front desk if there are any open invoices for the service you have provided.

    • ​Invoice reopened:​​ Please check if an invoice is reopened and if non-cash tips are adjusted. The updated tip amount will be considered as tip earnings on the new invoice closure date (tips will show as $0 against the old invoice’s date), which could lead to a mismatch.

    • Cash tips:​​ If the payment is made in cash, tips earned against that invoice will not be considered for payout. Please check with your employer directly to receive this amount.

  • ​Can I add my bank account to receive tips?​
    Currently, the MyZen Tips payout solution is available with the feature to credit tips onto the Zenoti wallet/card and not to another bank account. You can, however, soon transfer funds from the MyZen wallet to another bank account.

  • ​Can I access commissions, hourly Pay, or other earnings details in the MyZen app? ​
    Currently, only tips earned information is available under MyZen. Other earnings like commissions will be available soon.

  • ​I've received tips directly via cash from a guest. Should I be reporting these?​
    If your employer enables the ​Declare Cash Tips​​ feature, you're advised to report those earnings for tax calculation purposes. If not, you should declare cash tip earnings when you file taxes.

  • Can I opt out of MyZen Tips Payout and revert to receiving tips as part of payroll?

    Yes, you can reach out to the Zenoti support team to opt out of faster payouts. Note: It can take up to seven business days to stop future payouts to your Zenoti wallet.

Purchases and transactions

  • ​Where can I use my Zenoti card?​
    You can use a Zenoti card for online or in-store purchases (Visa) and withdrawals. You need to set your PIN from the MyZen app for ATM transactions.

  • ​Can I withdraw my tip earnings from any ATM?​
    Yes. You can withdraw surcharge fee-free across 37,000 ATMs within MoneyPass network in the United States. You can find your MoneyPass ATM location here.

  • ​Can I deposit cash using my Zenoti Card through ATM?​
    No, this ability is currently not supported by the Zenoti Card.

  • Can I spend more money than I have on the card?​
    There is no line of credit or overdraft associated with your card. You can only spend the amount available in your bank account.

  • ​Can I load more money into my Zenoti card?​
    You can transfer funds from different bank accounts to your MyZen wallet.

  • ​Can I transfer money from my Zenoti card to another account?​
    You will soon be able to transfer funds from your MyZen wallet to another account.​


  • ​I didn’t receive a Zenoti card. Where can I track the shipping status?​
    You can track the status of your card using the tracking reference number available on the ​Details​​ screen ​(MyZen Home page > Zenoti wallet > Card > Details).​​ If the card is returned, or in case of a delivery status mismatch, please contact the support team.

  • ​I forgot my card PIN. How can I reset it?​
    You can set up or update a new PIN through the MyZen app. ​MyZen wallet > Zenoti Card > Settings > Set or Update PIN.​
    Note: You cannot set a PIN through an ATM.

  • ​What if my Card is lost, stolen, or damaged?​
    You can perform either of the following actions when your card is lost, stolen or damaged:

    • Freeze: ​​If you've misplaced your card, you can temporarily freeze the card ​(MyZen > Zenoti wallet > Zenoti Card > Card Settings > Freeze).​​ You can reactivate it later if you find the card.

    • ​Block​​: If you are sure that your card is lost or stolen or observed a fraudulent transaction, you can block the card permanently ​(MyZen > Zenoti wallet > Zenoti Card > Card Settings > Block) ​​to deactivate it immediately. When you block the existing card, a new card is created automatically and will be shipped to you.

    • Replace:​ If your card is damaged, you can request a replacement through the MyZen app​ (Wallet detailed view > Card > Replace Card)​​. A new card will be shipped to you.

  • ​My Zenoti Card is not working, or a transaction with my Zenoti Card is declined. Why? ​
    If a card transaction is declined, it could be because of the following reasons:

    • Pending Activation:​​ Please activate the card from the MyZen app using the card details and code verification.

    • Frozen, Blocked:​​ Please verify if you've frozen the card temporarily, you can unfreeze it from the MyZen app. If you've blocked the card permanently, wait for the replacement card to be delivered.

    • Blocked due to incorrect PIN attempts:​​ If an incorrect PIN is entered three consecutive times, the card is blocked temporarily. Please write to us at to unblock the card.

Limits and Fees

  • Do I need to pay any fees to get a Zenoti card?​
    No, the Zenoti Card is free along with Zenoti Wallet (bank account) on application approval.

  • ​Are there any spending limits on the Zenoti Card?​
    You can spend a maximum of $2,500/day and $10,000/month using the Zenoti Card.

  • Are there any charges for ATM transactions with the Zenoti card?​
    You're eligible for two free ATM transactions per month, after which a minimal charge is levied every ATM transaction.

  • ​Are there any shipping charges for the new Zenoti card?​
    The Zenoti card will be shipped to your address free of charge at the time of wallet creation.


  • ​I didn't receive my tips payout. What should I do?​
    Below are the possible reasons why you might not have received your tips:

    • Payouts not started:​​ Your employer might have set the payout start date at a future date. Please confirm with your employer.

    • Non-business days:​​ Based on your payout frequency configuration, the tips earned on the day 'T' could be credited on 'T+2' business days. Bank holidays, Saturday, and Sunday, are not considered business days. (For example, tips earned on Wednesday - get credited on Friday, but tips earned on Friday/Saturday/Sunday - get credited on Tuesday).

    • Wallet not active:​ Please ensure your submitted application is approved and you have an active Zenoti wallet. If the application is still in ​Review ​​or ​Declined ​​please reach out to the support team ​(MyZen > Profile > Help center > Contact Us)​

    • ​Payout On Hold:​​ The payouts might be on hold due to insufficient funds in the employer’s saved bank account.

  • ​There is an unauthorized charge on my Zenoti card. What should I do?​
    Please look for the transaction date and amount (the description may not help but the amount and date can help you recall the transaction) to verify if it's a valid transaction. Also, check if family or friends may have used your card. If you are sure it is an unauthorized charge, please raise a dispute (​​MyZen > Transaction details page > Raise a Dispute), add the relevant details, and submit. You can also reach out to the voice support number on the back of your card.

  • ​I've raised a dispute, but my money hasn't been credited to my wallet. What should I do?​
    Once the dispute is raised, the process and time to verify and refund the disputed amount vary from bank to bank. You’ll be notified about updates on refunds or any required information. You can follow up on the disputed transaction by replying to the same ticket.

  • ​Can I access the MyZen app even after I leave my employer?​
    Yes, you can continue using the MyZen app, Zenoti Wallet, and card, even if you are no longer employed with your linked employer. However, to continue receiving tips payout, you need to link your account with your next employer (if they are using Zenoti).

  • ​How can I reach out to the support team?​
    You can navigate to ​myZen > Profile > Help Center > Contact Us​​ and start a conversation with one of our support team members.

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