• The Zenoti Admin page has been revamped for a better user experience with:

  • When emails to guests bounce, those addresses are marked inactive. You can now mark them as active after verifying them.


  • Earlier, the Analytics Express tab displayed only dashboards that were included in the favorites list. You will now see all the dashboards on the Analytics Express tab.

Consumer mobile application

  • Provide your guests with an improved search experience by displaying centers near them along with a list of previously selected centers.

  • Your guests can choose to go with the first available service provider or the service provider from their last appointment while making a booking using Quick Book.


  • Earlier, employee payouts were calculated based on hourly pay or commissions only. You can now also choose to calculate payouts for employees based on work tasks.

    You can also include or exclude 7(i) overtime calculations for centers.

Gift cards


  • Adjust stocks instantly to account for damages, free samples, or expired stock.




  • Choose whether to charge the Other fee at the time of applying a package benefit on an invoice. This is also applicable for memberships.


  • For businesses that have not implemented a financial lock on invoices, invoice amounts can be updated after cross-center redemptions happen. This can lead to inconsistency between payment dues and reports. You can now check the redemption details at any time and reconcile the inconsistency.

  • Find out if an AVS downgrade fee has been applied to transactions.

  • You will receive email notifications when Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions are initiated for business payments such as royalty fees, cross-center redemption settlement, or tips payout.

  • Validate a guest's address and view more information about saved cards.


  • In the Campaigns v2 report, you can group data by Sale Center, Campaign Name, Campaign Code, Guest Name, Item Name, and Item Type.


  • Mandate collection of key customer data during booking to offer customized services to guests.

  • Help guests understand your services better by displaying descriptions for add-on services.

  • Your guests can change therapists while rescheduling an appointment from webstore.

  • Allow guests to skip therapist selection for services such as sauna where therapists might not be required.

  • Streamline your center’s schedule by allowing only same-day appointments on webstore.

Zenoti Mobile

  • To save time, capture feedback from guests in the Appointment Book on Zenoti Mobile V2.

  • Earlier, therapists were displayed only in alphabetical order on Zenoti Mobile while Zenoti web supported multiple options for order of display. You can now customize the order in which therapists appear on Zenoti Mobile.

  • In Appointment Book, easily identify guests on loyalty programs to provide a tailored experience.

And there's so much more! Go ahead, click the icons to explore!

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