Disclaimer: This article is for accounting integration v2.


After you complete configuring how you want to push data from Zenoti to the accounting platform: by journal entries or by invoices, you must map each payment type in Zenoti to the corresponding payment account in the accounting platform.

Important: Before you start mapping the payment types, you must sync the accounts in the Manual Sync tab.

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab as follows,

    1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

    2. Under Organization, click Organizations or Centers.

    3. On the Manage Organizations or Manage Centers page, click Integrations.

  2. Expand the Accounting tab.

  3. Expand the Payments Mapping section.

  4. For each payment type in Zenoti, do the following:
    a. From the Payment Header list, select the payment type in Zenoti.
    b. From the Mapped Account list, select the corresponding payment account or payment method in the accounting platform.
    c. Click Add.
    d. Click Save.

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