1. Log in to your Customer Mobile Application.

  2. ​Tap on ​Guest Pass​​.

  3. ​You will see two tabs - ​Guests​ and ​Invites​​. The Guests tab lists guests with whom you have shared the passes. The Invites tab shows if others have shared a pass with you.

  4. Click the ​+​​ icon. From the list that appears, select a membership.

  5. Only those membership plans where the Guest Pass is enabled will appear in the list.

  6. Next, share guest passes using any of the following: phone contact, recently invited, and enter manually. If you invite a guest manually, enter the guest’s first name, last name, email id, and mobile number.

  7. Select how you want to share the guest pass and click ​Add Guest.​​ The guests get an invitation link on their email id and mobile number.

Redeem a guest pass

The guest can book a class using the guest pass link and redeem the pass after registering. As a guest, perform these steps to redeem a guest pass:

  1. Log in to the CMA and register for a class using the reset password link.

  2. Go to ​Classes > Upcoming >​ select the registered class.

  3. Click Book now > ​Use Guest Pass on the booking confirmation screen.​

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