After you configure your Zenoti Payments account, you must perform a $1 transaction to check if you have configured the settings correctly.


Ensure you have connected one of the following terminals to Zenoti:

  • Verifone P400 Plus

  • Verifone e285/e285p

  • Verifone V400m

  • Castle S1/S1e

  • Castle S1F2

  1. Open Appointment Book.

  2. Select the default cash register.

  3. Click the POS icon.

  4. Add a guest to the invoice.

  5. Go to the ​Gift Card​​ tab.

  6. Enter the following details:

    1. ​Gift Card Type​​: Select the gift card type as ​Amount​​.

    2. ​Price​​: Enter $1.00 as the price of the gift card.

    3. ​Value​​: The gift card’s value is auto-populated with $1.00.

    4. ​Buying for​​: Select ​Self​​.

    5. ​Expiry​​: Select the checkbox ​Expires after a single-use​​.

    6. Sale by​​: Select the employee from the drop-down list.

  7. Click ​Add​​.

  8. In the ​Collect Payment ​​section, click ​Credit/Debit​​.

  9. For ​Terminal Name​​, click ​Change ​​and select the appropriate card reader.

  10. Click ​Add Payment​​.

  11. In the ​Online Payment​ dialog box, select ​Use Card Reader​​.

  12. On the card reader, tap or swipe the card to perform the test transaction.

  13. After a successful payment, a confirmation message appears on the card reader.

​The payment of $1.00 will reflect in your bank account in two business days. From the second transaction onwards, the amount will reflect as per the payout schedule.

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