An annotation pad is majorly used for medical or cosmetic procedures.

It helps the therapist in marking the exact areas of a body part on which the procedure is to be performed.

For example, a form for botox treatment can have an annotation pad to mark the areas of a guest's face where the implants are to be injected.

To view an example of this component, from sample forms, visit the Botox Treatment form. View the annotation pad under the Annotations for toxins section.

  1. From the Tools list, drag and drop the Annotation pad component onto the form.

  2. To customize the component, place the mouse pointer on the component and click Edit.

    Under the Basic tab, customize the details listed below:

    • For the src attribute, copy the URL of your image and paste it into the Value field.

      Important: Use URLs of images from Zenoti's image gallery as an image for the annotation pad. Refer to Step 1: Upload the image to Zenoti Image Gallery from How do I Add an Image for Annotation to a Digital Form?

    • For the alt attribute, enter the description of the image into the Value field.

    If you want to customize other settings, refer to the table below.

  3. Click Save.


Perform these steps

Ensure that the guest cannot change the contents of the field

For example, the annotation pads that are used for marking acne or pores on the skin. In this case, the doctor can only mark the areas after examination of the skin. So, this field can be made read-only on the guest's end.

Under the Basic tab, select the Make field read-only for guest (on CMA, Kiosk, Webstore, Zenoti Mobile guest mode)‚Äč check box.

To not display the field to the guests on CMA, Kiosk, Webstore, ZMA guest mode

In some cases, you can use annotation pads for making notes which are appointment specific or for office use. You can hide the field from the guest's view in that case.

Under the Basic tab, select the Hide field from guest (on CMA, Kiosk, Webstore, Zenoti Mobile guest mode) check box.

Note: You can make a field appear or disappear on the form, based on the value of another field.

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