With the form builder, you can create forms quickly and easily. Start with a sample form from the Form List or with a blank form. Use simple drag-and-drop actions to customize the forms.

  1. At the Organization level, navigate to Admin > Custom Fields > Custom Forms.

  2. Click Add.

Perform these steps under the General tab

  1. Under the Name and Code fields, enter the Name and Code of the form.

  2. From the Form type list, select the type of form you want to create.

    Example: Service form, Membership form & Guest form.

    Notice: The fields after this field may vary depending upon the type of the form.

  3. From the Create form using list, select Form builder.

  4. Set the form status as Active or Inactive.

  5. From the Form validity list, select your form's validity.

  6. To configure additional settings of the form, select applicable check boxes:

    • Under the Form review settings:

Setting name


Require review

Makes sure a doctor's review is mandatory for the form

Require review only once within validity period​

Notice: This check box only displays after the ​Require review​​ check box is selected.​

Limits reviews to once per validity period

  • Under the Form behavior settings:

Setting name


Make this form read-only for guests (applies to Webstore and CMA)​

Makes sure that the guests cannot fill or edit the form

Prefill form with data from previous visit

Loads form data from the last time the form was filled

Copy details from old version of the form to the new version

Copies form details from old to new forms

Important: To ensure this setting applies after this check box is selected, you ​must​​ read and agree to the details on the pop-up that appears.

7. Click Save & Proceed.

Perform these steps under the Design tab

  1. From the form list, under the Sample tab, select a sample form, or a blank form.

    To use a form that you created recently, from the Recent tab, select a form.

    Note: The Sample and Recent tabs display forms according to the type of form selected while creating the form.

    For example, while creating a new form, you select the form type as membership, then the form list (Sample and Recent tabs) will only display membership forms.

  2. Click Use form.

  3. To add fields to the form, from the Tools list, drag components onto the form.

    To customize a component, place the mouse pointer on the component and click the Edit button.

  4. Click Save.

  5. To preview, use the Builder - Preview toggle.

    By default, the preview is in desktop mode. However, you can also preview in mobile and tablet modes.

  6. After you build the form, perform one of the following steps:

    • Save: Saves the form

    • Save and close: Saves the form and redirects you back to the Manage custom forms page.

    • Close without saving: Redirects you back to the Manage custom forms page without saving the form.


  • There is only one guest form and one loyalty form per organization. If you already have those forms in HTML or V1 formats, you cannot create them again using form builder.

  • Only the forms created using form builder can be edited using form builder. HTML or V1 forms cannot be edited using the form builder. You must edit an HTML form using HTML only.

  • It is recommended that you do not dissociate existing HTML forms to associate new form builder forms.

  • For example, there is an HTML form associated with a service and you may want to design a form using the form builder for the same service.

    If you dissociate the existing HTML form and associate the new form builder form with the service, Zenoti considers the forms as two different forms as data does not flow between the two forms.

Work with form components

Associate forms with:

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