As a business, you need email/text credits to run your campaigns. You can buy email and SMS credits from your Zenoti account on Zenoti Marketplace.

  1. Go to Zenoti Marketplace.

  2. Add and checkout the respective credits.

    Note: Purchase of email/text credits using Zenoti Marketplace is currently supported only for the North American region.

Purchase email and text credits outside North America

If you are from a region outside North America, contact your region's Customer Success Manager or Support Team (support @

Overdraft credits​

In this section, we describe how overdraft credits work and when to purchase credits.

​Let's consider the following scenario where your store's credit balance is 10 and there are three campaigns planned in your store.​




Credit balance


Campaign 1




Since campaign 2 has used the credit balance, overdraft credits come into the picture. Text/SMS uses overdraft credits.

Campaign 2




This campaign goes out first. Text/SMS from this campaign go through.

Campaign 3

Two days from now

After one week


Text/SMS will not go through as there are no credits left. Purchase credits to use this campaign.

Note: If you are in the USA or if you have specified overdraft credits for your center, you can send a text/SMS based on the number of overdraft credits.

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