1. At the center level, click the Admin icon and go to Organizations > Centers.

  2. Go to the Online Booking tab.

  3. Expand the Content to display section, and make the required changes.

  4. If you want to make changes under other sections, go to Settings, Online booking setup, and Integrations.

  5. Click Save.

Configure the following:

  • Apply Same Settings as Defined Under the Organization Catalog Settings: Select this check box if you want the settings defined at the organization level (Admin>Organization>Organizations>Online Booking) to take effect for your center level too.

  • Menu Bar and Screens: Select all the menu items that should appear on the Webstore.

    For example:

    If an organization with multiple centers wants the option of memberships to be available at some centers only, then the center can opt out of the memberships page by not selecting the Memberships check box in this section.

    Note: The menu bar items and the screens depend upon your organization. You can have multiple pages and screens based on your requirement.

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