The center-level catalog consists of some settings not available at the organization level.

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organizations > Centers.

  2. Go to the Online booking tab.

  3. Expand the Settings section, and make the required changes.

  4. If you want to make changes under other sections, go to Content to display, Online booking setup, and Integrations.

  5. Click Save.




Show in Catalog

Select this check box to enable Online Booking for your center.

Limit the feedback shown in the customer mobile app and webstore to only that of the guests who visited the center

Select this setting to limit the display of the feedback to only the guests of your center.

Center Page Banner

Enter the HTML code to display a banner on the center's landing page.

Bookings Start Date

Enter the date from when booking of services starts for a center.

Block Online Bookings From

Enter the start date and end date for the duration for which you want to block online appointments

For example: If your center is under renovation, you may want to block the incoming appointment requests. Use this setting to block incoming appointment requests.

Show in Location Selector

To ensure that your center shows up in the location selector list, select this check box.

Allow Appointment Booking

To accept online bookings from your guests for services, select this check box.

Require Credit Card for Appointment Booking

If you have a card on file policy for your organization or center, configure this setting.

  • Use Organization Settings: Select this option if you want to align your center with the organization settings for the card on file.

  • Not Required: Select this option if your center does not mandate a card on file for booking appointments.

  • Block if not on file: Select this option if you only want the guests who have a card on file to book appointments. If guests do not have the card on file, they cannot book the appointments.

Geo Latitude

Enter the latitude of your center here.

Note: This step is necessary for the geofencing feature to work on CMA.

Geo Longitude

Enter the longitude of your center here.

Note: This step is necessary for the geofencing feature to work on CMA.


Enter the description of your center and use it to inform your guests about the various services you offer in your center. Also, add directions to find your center.

Feedback Link

Enter the URL of the feedback page if you have a separate page.

Feedback Label Text

Enter the label for the feedback link text.

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