When a front desk operator marks a service as completed, the guest can initiate self-checkout.

  1. Tap ​Check out​​ on the Kiosk.

    You will see all the guest profiles whose services are completed, but their invoice are not closed.

  2. Select your profile and tap ​Check out​​.

  3. On the invoice screen, tap ​Add Tips​​.

    Choose a percentage of the total price or enter a custom amount.

  4. Tap ​Make payment​​.​

  5. Select the card saved to your profile to initiate payment. If you don’t have a card saved to your profile, select ​Use card reader & pay​ or ​Add card & pay​​.

  6. Once the payment is confirmed, tap ​Next​​ to select how you want to receive your receipt.

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