The AVS Details for Saved Cards report lists all the guests whose card is saved in Zenoti, and whose address details are either missing or invalid.

With this report, businesses can send emails to guests asking them to add their address on Webstore to avoid higher downgrade fees.


  • To use this report, you must configure the Request address for saved card email/text template.

  • Your organization must have Webstore enabled.


  1. At the organization level, click the Reports​​ icon.

  2. On the Reports V2 Dashboard search for ​AVS Details for Saved Cards​

Filter Criteria





Lists all the centers in the organization.

Last Transaction Date




Last 7 Days

Last 14 Days

Last 30 Days

Last Week

Last Month

Last Quarter



Last Month-to-Date

Last 3 Months-to-Date

Last 6 Months-to-Date

Last 12 Months-to-Date Quarter-to-Date

Half Year-to-Date


Current Month

Current Quarter Current Half Year


Lets you select the period for which you want to view the report.

To select a date range, select ​Custom​​.

​Note​​: For custom dates, you can view data for a maximum date range of 6 months at a time. For example, if you wish to see data from January to August, first view data from January to June and then view data from July to August.

Payment Provider

Configured payment processor for the center will appear here.

Address Availability




Select one of the following: ·

​All​​: Displays the details of all the guests.

Yes​​: Displays the details of the guests whose address is present.

​No​​: Displays the details of the guest, whose address is not present.

Card Brand

All the details of the saved card brands appear here.

Column Description



Center Name

Center to which the guest belongs.

Guest Name

The full name of the guest.

Guest Email

The email address of the guest.

Card Brand

The brand name of the guest’s card that is saved in Zenoti.

Card Ending

The last 4 digits of the guest’s saved card.

Last Transaction Date

The last transaction date of the guest’s card on Zenoti.

Last Transaction Status

The status of the guest’s last transaction on Zenoti.

Address Availability

Whether address of the guests is available or not.

No​​: Guest address details are unavailable.

Yes​​: Guest address details are available.

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