Ingenico Lane 3000 is a cloud-based card reader that accepts swipe, chip and PIN, and contactless payments.

Before you begin to process payments on Ingenico Lane 3000, you must do the following:

  1. Connect the card reader to internet using the ethernet cable.

  2. Add Ingenico Lane 3000 as a terminal in Zenoti

Let's look at the items that you receive in the retail package.

Connect the card reader to the internet

  1. Connect one end of the provided ethernet cable to your network router, and the other end to the back of Ingenico Lane 3000.

  2. Connect the adapter of the provided HDMI power cable to any of the power outlets in your center. The other end of the HDMI power cable must be inserted at the back of the device – Ingenico 3000. (​​Check the reference image below​​).

    The device will turn on.

  3. The device will now connect to your internet, through the ethernet cable and displays the ​Activation Code​​. If it does not connect to the internet, you must manually assign an IP address.
    To assign an IP address manually:

    1. Disconnect the ethernet cable from your router.

    2. Press the green ​Enter ​​key and yellow ​<​​ key simultaneously for two seconds.

    3. Enter the number ​0001 ​​immediately after the device turns on.

    4. On the ​Admin Menu​​, navigate to ​Communication Type​ and enable ​Ethernet​​.
      The device prompts for a reboot.

    5. Select ​Yes​​.

    6. Enter the number ​0001 ​​immediately after the device turns on.

    7. Navigate to ​Ethernet Parameters​ > ​IP Configuration​ > ​DHCP Activation​​.

    8. For ​DHCP Activation​​, select ​Off​ and press the ​Enter​​ button.

    9. Under the ​IP Address​​, enter your network's IP address manually.

    10. Under ​Subnet Mask​​, enter your network's subnet mask.

    11. Press ​Enter ​​when the device prompts. This will reboot the device.

Add Ingenico Lane 3000 as a terminal in Zenoti

  1. Add the terminal. You can add it at the organization-level, or at the center-level, as per your payment processor configuration.

    • Center-level:

      1. Click the Admin icon.

      2. Navigate to ​Payments​ > ​Settings​​.

    • Organization-level:

      • Click the Admin icon.

      • Navigate to ​Payments​ > ​Settings​​.

  2. On the Payment Processors section, locate Worldpay, and click the drop-down arrow to reveal more options.

  3. Go to ​Terminals​​.

  4. Click ​Add Terminal​​.

  5. Enter the following details:

    1. Device Model​​: Select Ingenico Lane 3000 from the drop-down list.

    2. ​Terminal Name​​: Enter the name of the terminal.

    3. Activation Code​​: Enter the activation code.
      Note: You can find the activation code on the terminal after a successful internet connection.

    4. ​Lane Id​​: Enter any two-digit number as the lane id.

    5. Click Add.

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