1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  3. Click Settings.

  4. Refer to the table below for steps to change specific settings.

  5. After you make the necessary changes, click Save.

The following table describes how you can enable or disable specific features for the organization.

Enable setting to



View profitability reports (v1)

  1. Expand the General section.

  2. Select the Show profitability reports option.


Enable one-time offers for memberships

  1. Expand the Memberships section.

  2. Select the Enable One-time offer for Memberships check box.


Override organization settings for target segments at the center/zone level

  1. Expand the ​General​​ section.

  2. ​Under ​Marketing settings​​, enable ​Allow organization settings override.​


Enable one-time offers for packages

  1. Expand the Packages section.

  2. Select the Enable One-time offer for Packages check box.


Customize the label for appointments

  1. In step 4, expand the General section.

  2. Next to Appointment, give the label you want to use for appointments.

  3. Continue to step 5.

By default, Zenoti refers to a service booking as "Appointment." When you customize the label, Zenoti will replace Appointment with the new label on Appointment Book, Queue, Guest profile, and ZMA.

Appointment Book, Queue, Guest profile, and ZMA

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