Google ReCAPTCHA is a risk analysis and fraud detection software that keeps malicious software or bots from engaging on your webstore.

This allows for a safer and secure environment for your payment activities such as:

  • Adding or replacing card on guest profile

  • Booking a service with a card on file (CoF)

  • Purchasing gift cards, memberships, or packages

Note: Google ReCAPTCHA is only applicable for payments on processors – Zenoti Payments, Worldpay, Moneris, FreedomPay, PaymentExpress, AirPay, and AmazonPay for Webstore V1 and V2.

How does it work?

  1. Guest initiates payment for purchase of gift card/membership/package on the Webstore.

  2. Guest enters card details.
    In case of an error, or back and forth on payment, Google ReCAPTCHA is initiated.

  3. Google ReCAPTCHA will ask the guest to complete a challenge (select a set of images - bikes, traffic lights, others).

  4. Guest completes the challenge.

  5. Guest is verified as a valid user and the Webstore payment page appears again.

  6. Guest completes the payment.

Note​​: Google ReCAPTCHA is not initiated for every payment transaction on Webstore. It only appears if the guest's actions do not follow the regular payment flow. For example, multiple entries of incorrect card details, frequently clicking the back button while making payment, or submitting incomplete payment details.

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