• Businesses hide tabs on the guest profile that are not relevant to them. With this feature, you can:

    • Set the default tab to display

    • Set the visibility of tabs

    • Drag and drop tabs to reorder them

  • Currently, when you move an appointment from one room to another or from one provider to another, a message for managing the wait list appears. You can now configure the appointment book to show the wait list message only for appointment cancellations, deletions, and no-shows.

  • Appointment Book’s context menu and icons are redesigned for quick navigation and easy access to options such as print appointments, sales and commission reports, and group invoices.

  • The newer version of the Context Menu now displays tooltips when you hover the mouse over an appointment or block out time, allowing you to quickly find the information you need.

  • Hide unused features on Appointment Book. It makes for a cleaner interface and an improved user experience.

  • When changing the provider assigned to an appointment, if the room selected earlier is already booked, you can now select a room from the list of available rooms and quickly move the appointment.

  • When making a booking for a group, it is no longer mandatory for you to enter the group or bulk booking name. Instead, a default name, "Guest Booking by Lastname," will be used.


  • You can now enable online booking of services from the new Centers tab. Choose which centers offer the services and whether online booking is available for those services.





  • Mark a package or membership as a one-time offer. You can sell these packages to either new guests only or both new and existing guests.

  • With this release, search parameters are retained for Membership searches. Also, you can navigate back to the search results from the detail pages.

Online Booking/ Webstore

  • Track appointments made via Facebook and Instagram with the Social Bookings report. You can see the following details:

    • The total number of visits to the Webstore from Facebook and Instagram.

    • The total number of guests who clicked Book now. (Users who initiated the booking)

    • The total number of guests who confirmed their booking.

  • If a guest is already a member, you can restrict them from purchasing additional memberships.

  • Businesses can now personalize the email content sent to guests on a membership or package sale by adding information such as item benefits.

  • To prevent last-minute bookings, businesses can restrict guests from booking an appointment X minutes before the appointment time. You can also define how many days, weeks, or months in advance a guest can book an appointment.


  • Process package refunds for scheduled payment scenarios using custom payments.


  • A new report, Campaigns is now available. With this report, businesses can analyze how their campaigns are performing and make better decisions.

  • The Sales Cash Report is updated with the following changes:

    • The existing column Collected is renamed to Collected to Date.

    • A new column Collected is added with a Total footer.

  • A new report, Guest Retention is now available. With this report, businesses can analyze the retained guests by month, service, or employee.

  • The Sales Accrual Report now shows the sales made after deducting redemptions in the new column Sales (Exc. Redemption).

  • A new column Brand is now available in the following reports:

And there's so much more! Go ahead, click the icons to explore!

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