When a guest purchases a scheduled package, uses some benefits, and then wants a refund for the remaining amount, the package benefits need to be stopped after the refund, to do this, the package must be marked as closed.

When such a package is refunded and closed, two separate invoices are impacted:

  • A new invoice (refund only) is created.

  • On the package sale invoice, the pending amount is automatically added as a custom payment to make the invoice amount $0.

To process package refunds for such scheduled payment scenarios, there is a setting, Add custom payment when closing a package with schedule upon refund.

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  2. Click the Settings tab and expand Packages.

  3. Locate and select Add custom payment when closing a package with schedule upon refund.

    Note: This feature is not supported for series packages without scheduled payments.

  4. Click Save.

Consider this example.

Cost of the package = $1200

Installments paid = $300 (monthly instalments of $100 for 3 months).

Pending installments = $900

Guest redeemed = One benefit worth $100

Available package balance = $200

The guest now seeks a refund and wishes to stop using benefits upon refund.

When the package is marked closed upon refund, here are the two separate invoices that are impacted:

  • A new package refund invoice will be generated for $200 ($300 - $100).

  • On the package sale invoice, a custom payment is automatically added for the amount corresponding to pending installments that the guest has not yet paid, i.e., $900 ($1200 - $300).

With the change, the final price on the package sale invoice remains $1200 so the historical data is not impacted.

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