When a business adds a new center, the center must be onboarded to Zenoti. General details of the center and details related to employees, products, services, and so on must be configured in the system.


  • This process is not applicable to

    • Centers that need data migration

    • Centers that came through acquisitions

  • Development of new forms is not a part of this process.


Onboarding process

This image depicts the stages and milestones of the onboarding process.

  1. You must fill out the ​onboarding request sheet​​ with all the required information and send it to your Customer Success Manager (CSM). Information provided in this sheet will be the source of truth for setting up the new center.
    Refer to the following table (Onboarding request sheet) for additional information about the sheet.

  2. You will receive an acknowledgment that mentions the date by which the new center will be set up.
    Important: Submit the filled onboarding request sheet at least 15 business days before the planned go-live date.

Onboarding request sheet

The following table describes each tab of the onboarding request sheet.​



​Important Information​


  • ​Guidelines for filling the sheet

  • Information related to system requirements


Basic information related to the proposed new center.

  • If you have not decided on the go-live date yet, enter a tentative date.

  • Online booking for the center will be enabled from the date mentioned in the 'Pre Booking Date' field.

Mandatory fields:

  • ​Center name (should not contain more than 32 characters)

  • Address

  • State

  • Email ID

  • Time zone

  • Center address


  • Enter a center code if you maintain that information. Else, Zenoti will generate a random code.

  • If details of the owner and manager are provided, usernames and roles will be created for them.

Data Configuration Checklist

​Source center details. Data and settings related to the center specified in the 'Copy from Location' field will be considered for setting up the new center.

  • If you need data and settings from a different center for a specific item, specify the center's name next to the item.

  • Do not provide conflicting or incorrect information. For example, if memberships are copied from a different source center, ensure that the linked services and products are also copied to the new center.

  • If the center has a different tax rate, add a comment, “Refer Taxes Sheet”, and provide the applicable tax rates in the ​Taxes​​ tab.

  • If the new center offers new services and products, enter details in Excel sheets in specific formats and send them to your CSM.
    Refer to these templates​​ for the formats.

  • ​Mention the start date of the pay period and payment frequency for the new location.

  • Default payment rates applicable for the organization are applied to the new center.

  • Zenoti Connect, SMS package, Analytics Express, and Analytics Plus are enabled as per the contract with the source center.


​Details of applicable tax rates.

  • ​​If the tax rates differ from the source center, mention the applicable tax rates in this sheet.

  • Mention the tax rate against each applicable item.


​Contains details of employees. These details will be used to create usernames in the Zenoti system.

  • ​​Email ID, Job, and Roles are mandatory for creating an employee record.

  • If Employee Code is not mentioned, Zenoti will assign a random employee code while creating usernames.

  • Different security roles can be assigned to the existing employees as per requirements of the new center.

  • Existing employees will be assigned to the new center with the same credentials and the same job.

Employee Schedules

​Details of employee working hours, payroll, and salary.

​These details can be entered even after the center is live.


​List of available rooms and services performed in these rooms.

  • ​​Enter specific details if they are different from the source center.

  • These details can be entered even after the center is live.

Center Hours

​Working hours and holidays are copied from the source center.

​If the center's working hours are different from the source center, specify the timings.

Terminal requests

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