The Roster has a new, refreshed look, with a more intuitive and coherent user interface. All the functionality remains the same. Your employees can experience a modern Roster view, including new refined icons and crisper font styles.

The following are the changes that you will see starting from April 19, 2022.

Classes page

The Classes page of the Roster view displays a studio’s classes for a specific day or a week. You can go to the Roster view of each individual session of a class from here. The new refreshed Classes view will include a sleeker and more intuitive look.



The refreshed Classes page includes the following changes:

  1. Margins on each side of the Roster to create space and breathing room between the Fitness panel and the Classes information.

  2. Class stats for the current day make it easier for you to understand the data more quickly, leading to improved and more efficient planning.

  3. New filter UI and separate filter for Time of day, for streamlined sorting.

  4. Price check, POS, and Virtual Class icons will be in the same location but with new and crisper icons.

    You will also soon be able to access ezConnect from the Classes view. (Coming soon!)

  5. The Edit class icon is moved from next to the class name to the menu options, which include the edit schedule button, on the right.

Roster view

The Roster view displays an individual session of a class, the enrolled students, and the payment status. Additionally, from the Roster view, you can sell items, create new student profiles, close payments, update the registration status, and much more. The refreshed Roster view page has an intuitive user interface, coherent structure, and an updated class metrics view.



The refreshed Roster includes the following changes:

  1. Updated class metrics view to make it easier for you to understand the data quickly, and more efficiently.

  2. The icons to Print sign-in slips, sign-in sheets, close invoices, and refreshare now available closer to the Class metrics area for quicker access.

  3. A larger view of the students on the Roster so that you can view the student details in one go.

    Moved the POS, view log, and email icons from the left of the student’s name to next to the sign-in button.

  4. A unified Search bar:

    You can search all information from the top search bar. For example, you can search for already enrolled students in a class. You can also use the global search to enroll students in a class. To locate the position of already registered students on the Roster, use the locate option.

  5. Guest icons moved from the right of the student’s name to below the student’s name.

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