If you have set up Zenoti with multiple organizations (possibly, different organizations for the different brands you own), users will no longer be able to access these organizations/brands simultaneously. This is because of a new security standard, Zenoti Identity Service, with the February 2022 release.

Zenoti identity service enables businesses (and their employees and guests) to login into our application more securely. It is based on OpenID connect and compliant with the latest OAuth 2.0 security standards.

For enhanced security, a single-window of your browser has a single session tied to your account. As a result, a user can access only one organization (or brand) from one browser at a time.

That is, if while logged in to Zenoti for organization A/brand A, a user tries to log into organization B/brand B, there's a clash and the browser will not allow the user to proceed and will result in an error.

However, your business may require some employees to log into multiple organizations/ brands simultaneously.

Workaround: Users must create different profiles in the browsers they use.

Sample screens to create a new profile in Chrome:

  1. In Chrome browser, at the top right, click Profile.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Set up your new profile.

Similarly, if you use Edge as your browser, create multiple browser profiles in Edge (link Sign in and create multiple profiles in Microsoft Edge

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