Reprocessing is a feature that lets Zenoti dynamically assign resources and adjust service start times based on availability to manage guest visits efficiently.

Actions that trigger reprocessing:

  • Appointment creation

  • Appointment no-show

  • Appointment start

  • Appointment complete

  • Employee check-in

  • Employee checkout

Note: In addition, the system performs reprocessing every five minutes. Front desk staff can manually reprocess Queue by clicking Refresh on the top-right corner of the Queue-Admin page.

Reprocess behavior based on service provider selection:

  • Guest selects Any service provider while making an appointment: Both service provider name and start time change based on availability at the time of reprocessing.

For instance, Susan walks into the store for a foot massage. She doesn’t indicate any preference for a service provider. Bella, the only service provider working, is already serving another guest. Therefore, Susan is added to the queue to await her turn. However, when another service provider clocks in, the queue is reprocessed, and Susan is assigned to the new service provider and will receive her foot massage more quickly.

  • Guest selects Any female or Any male service provider while making an appointment:

If the guest requested a female service provider while booking a service, only a female service provider will be assigned to that guest on reprocessing. The start time varies depending on slot availability of female providers.

  • Guest selects a specific time while making an appointment: When the appointments before this appointment were not completed in time, then the start time will be reprocessed. By default, Zenoti doesn't advance service start times.

For instance, Katie walks into the store for a haircut and requests an appointment for 4 PM. The front desk staff selects Any service provider and adds Katie to the queue. However, when the only available service provider is serving another guest who requests an additional service, the queue is reprocessed, and Katie's start time is changed to 4.30 PM.

  • Guest selects a specific provider while making an appointment:

If the guest requested a specific provider while booking a service, the provider remains constant during reprocessing, but the start time varies depending on the provider’s availability.

Follow these steps to enable Queue reprocessing for appointments booked from the booking wizard, in-store Kiosk and the online Kiosk:

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon and go to Organization > Centers.

  2. Go to Settings and expand Admin Queue.

  3. Select the Reschedule Queue Based on Resource Availability check box.

  4. Click Save.

If you use both queue and appointments, you can also reprocess appointments booked from Booking Panel, CMA, and Webstore. To enable this feature, next to Include services in reprocessing when booked from, select the required check boxes.

You can advance a checked-in guest's appointment to an earlier time based on service provider's availability. For example, a guest’s appointment is scheduled to start at 11 AM but the guest checks in at 10:00 AM. If an earlier slot is available for the guest at 10:30 AM, then Zenoti automatically reprocesses the queue and moves the guest’s appointment to 10:30 AM. To enable this feature, select the the When a reprocessing event occurs, allow services scheduled in the future to have their start times modified to be earlier after guest checks-in check box. You will see this setting only when you enable Reschedule queue based on resource availability.

Important: Reprocessing does not work for appointments created from POS and Mobile POS.

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