To add a guest to the Queue:

1. From the Appointment book, go to Queue View.

2. Click Add to queue or Walk-in.

The Booking Wizard opens.

3. Select the number of guests from the No. of Guests drop-down list.

4. Specify the following information

  • Guest (Mandatory)

a) To find an existing guest, enter the guest's name, mobile, email, or code in the Search by Guest name, mobile, email, code field.

b) To add a new guest, click the drop-down arrow and then click + New Guest.

  • Service or Day Package (Mandatory)

a) Click the Service/Day Package drop-down list and select the Services or Day Packages tab, as required.

b) Enter the name of the service/day package, or select one from the drop-down list.

c) To add more services or day packages, click + Service.

4. Select the time slot for which you want to book the appointment

5. Click Review & Book.

The Confirmation page appears.

6. To confirm the booking, click Book. A message appears stating that the appointment is confirmed.

The guest is now added to the Queue.

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