If your business uses Aveda products, as an inventory manager, you can now quickly send orders to Aveda from Zenoti. Products you add in a Zenoti Purchase Order are added to your Aveda cart with just one click. This simplifies the ordering process and you do not have to manually add products or upload exported orders to the Aveda portal.

On the Aveda portal, after you apply promotions, adjust any open orders, or finalize orders, you can continue to checkout your cart items.

Note: This is available only for organizations in US and Canada. However, this feature is unavailable for the following regions within US - AL, AR, LA, OK, MS, TN, TX, FL.

To enable this, perform the configurations listed here.

Send Orders

After you create and raise an order, it's status is set to Raised.

Click Send to Aveda.

The products are automatically added to your Aveda portal. After these, two new fields are displayed on the PO:

  • Integration Status: SENT TO AVEDA

  • Aveda Order Number: *****

Important: After the PO is successfully sent, any changes done will not be updated to your Aveda portal. Also, you can search for this order in Zenoti using Aveda Order Number.

On the Aveda portal

You can edit the order, apply discounts, and complete the checkout process.

  1. Login to your Aveda portal and select your salon.

  2. From the list of orders, navigate to your order and click the ORDER NUMBER link to view details.

  3. If required, make changes to the cart. Click Proceed to Checkout.


  5. Click CONTINUE to complete the checkout and payment process.

Note: Taxes and discounts applied on Zenoti are not applicable on Aveda portal, and changes done on the Aveda portal are not reflected in Zenoti.

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