The Training settings section of the Settings tab on the Edit Center page allows you to review and manage the settings for your fitness studio. These settings include Allow check-in before and after the beginning of class, fitness kiosk, auto timeout, Brand message, redirect message, and more.
Any changes made on the center settings page impact only the center where the change was made.

To configure training settings

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Center

  3. Go to Settings tab.

  4. Expand the Training section.

  5. Configure the following settings:

    • Stop Online Bookings When Waitlist Reaches: Marks the class as full in Webstore and CMA and stops bookings/waitlist after waitlist hits X number of students.

    • Enable Fitness Kiosk: Enables the Fitness Kiosk for the center

    • Require Guest Custom Form to Signin: Makes Guest Form completion mandatory for sign in.

      • Not required

      • Warn if form not filled

      • Block if form not filled

    • Allow check-in before class start (Mins.): Allows automatic check-in of the registered students before the class start time mentioned.

    • Allow check-in after class start (Mins.) : Allows check-in of the registered students after the class start time mentioned.

    • Display classes preceding check-in time (Mins.): Display classes X mins before the set check-in time.

    • Display classes after check-in time (Mins.): Displays classes X mins after the set check-in time.

    • Auto Timeout (Secs.): Allows you to automatically redirect the page to the home page after the set time (in seconds) expires.

    • Brand Message

    • Redirect Message

    • Brand Image Location

  6. Click Save.

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