Note: ADP RUN is a beta feature.

After you’ve successfully configured ADP RUN for your center, you can start posting your payroll data to ADP RUN for further processing. This will allow you to view your payroll data on the ADP RUN dashboard and take respective actions.

To post the payroll data to ADP RUN

  1. Open the Employee Payroll Summary report.

  2. Select the pay period for which you want to post the data in ADP RUN.

  3. Click Refresh.
    The report refreshes and shows the data.

  4. Click Calculate Commission Now.

    Zenoti will calculate the commissions and show the data in the report.

  5. Click Post Payroll.
    A warning message stating, “Are you sure you want to process payroll?” appears.

  6. Click OK.
    A message “Payroll Data is Processed” appears which denotes the data is successfully posted to ADP RUN for payroll processing.

    You can verify the data by logging in to your ADP RUN dashboard and checking the data in the Import Timesheets section.

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