Note: ADP RUN is a beta feature.

After you complete the payroll codes mapping, you must map employee details.
Important: ADP RUN integration supports only a maximum of 50 employees per center.

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Centers > Integrations > Payroll.

  3. Click the Employee Mapping section.

  4. For Employee Mapping, select the mapping method as Manual.

    A dialog box appears at the top which says “Change of mapping will reset all the existing mappings. Do you want to continue?”

  5. Click Ok.
    For each employee, Zenoti auto-populates Employee Code and Employee Name from ADP RUN.
    Note: Each Zenoti employee record can be mapped to only one ADP employee record.

  6. After all the employee names are populated, scroll down, and click Save.
    You have successfully set up and configured ADP RUN for your center.

    Now, you can Post payroll to ADP RUN and View weekly payroll data on ADP RUN.

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