Note: ADP RUN is a beta feature.

After you verify and authorize ADP RUN, and validate the security settings, you must map ADP RUN payroll codes to commission types in Zenoti .

This allows us to post the payroll data from Zenoti to ADP RUN.

To map the payroll codes

  1. Expand the Payroll Codes Mapping section.
    The section opens.

  2. Click Sync.
    Zenoti will pull all the payroll codes from ADP RUN.

  3. Map the Zenoti's Commission Types with ADP RUN Payroll Codes manually.
    Note: All Zenoti Commission Types must be mapped to an ADP Payroll Code. If you do not use a particular Commission Type, the value for that commission type in ADP will be $0.

  4. Click Save.
    You have successfully synced Zenoti commission types with ADP RUN payroll codes.

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